193 UN Member State Flags to Take Over Mt Everest

Source: Summitpost.org
Source: Summitpost.org

In a symbolic message for world peace and friendship, the national flags of 193 countries are being fluttered atop Mt Everest.

The national flags of the UN member states would be hoisted on the top of the world’s highest peak by the members of the ‘Mt Everest Expedition for World Peace and Friendship-2015’ of the World Peace Miteri Forum Nepal.

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Forum’s Vice-Chair Phurbathi Sherpa would scale the Everest and hoist the national flags of 193 countries in this May, Chairman of the Forum Binaya Shakya said at a news conference in the capital city on Wednesday

The pictures of fluttering flags would be submitted to the heads of the countries concerned and the UN Headquarters with solidarity for peace and friendship by mid July this year.

Chair Shakya said that the campaign was launched expecting worldwide integrated efforts for establishing peace.

On the occasion, President of Nepal Mountaineering Association Ang Tshering Sherpa hoped the campaign would be fruitful in disseminating a message of peace all across the world.

During the programme, Sherpa said that the expedition would cost Rs 1.8 million and he himself would bear all the costs adding that his mission was not to break or set record for anything but to maintain world peace.

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