30th ANA Convention 2012 in Dallas

Pasang Lama announcing ANA 2012ANA Convention 2011, Washington DC formally ended on July 3, 2011 and the upcoming 30th ANA Convention 2012 will be held in Dallas during the first week of July 2012. Pasang Lama will be heading the organizing team for the event, which he hopes will be one of the best ANA conventions.

Pasang Lama has organized several successful events in Dallas in the past, including Prashant Tamang & Raju Lama Live in Concert in January 2010. He is a very active social worker and a successful business entrepreneur. He is also one of the important member of Nepali Cultural and Spiritual Center (NCSC) and has been actively volunteering for the construction of Nepali temple and cultural center in DFW Metroplex. He made a formal announcement about the next year’s convention on the last day of ANA 2011, Washington DC and welcomed everyone to attend the event in Dallas.

Dallas hosted the last ANA Convention in 2005.

We will keep you posted about the 30th ANA Convention as the organizing committee releases schedule and other details about the event.

Pasang Lama announcing the 30th ANA convention to be held in Dallas

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