5 out-of-status Nepali students arrested in Irving

August 17, 2011 – Immigration officials arrested five out-of-status Nepali students, two female and three male, from their apartments in Irving, Texas this morning.

Sources tell us one of the male student was from Euless, Texas. All five came to the United States on student visa but had been out of their student status for a long period of time. We were told that they could be released from immigration custody on bail ranging from $5000 – $7000.

No further details could be known at this time. We will update as more information is obtained.

7 thoughts on “5 out-of-status Nepali students arrested in Irving”

  1. To all my fellow Nepalese living in this god-forsaken shithole of a country:

    Yesterday, Friday the 19th, one of my friends living in Irving got arrested by those immigration pussies too. He had been out of status for exactly 6 months. He and I had come to this fucked up country in 2009. After those bastards, four white men, came banging in his apartment door at 8 am in the morning, they asked too see all passports of whoever was living there, and took my friend away along with another Nepalese guy whom we didn’t know. That guy was in status but was working by using his social and was studying in UNT. So guys, if you’ve been working by using ur social or have worked in the past or are out of status, and especially in DFW area, watch out. If you’ve been out of status for less than 6 months, now u know what the fuck can happen n has happened to others, go and take care of ur shit.

  2. about 4 years ago . my mother was leaving with me for about 9 years . in nepal no one there to take care my mom . so i was waiting for my citizensship so i can do peper for my mom but immigration came and took my mother . take her to jail i was so sad i cry i told theam my mom 60 years old leave her alone . i can not see her in jail . and they told me i have to put 50,000 to take my mother from jail . all my frinds collect money . i went take her out from jail .and sand her to nepal . after 4 month i gat my citizensship .i apely green card for my mom , thean they told me she can not come to usa for 10 years . i don.t know what kinds of low , so i want share my story to my nepalese frinds . i never forget that officer face rest of my life i hope he will never be happy rest of his life ,

  3. True News: One of the Nepalese male student got arrested last friday, august 19, 6 am from his apartment in Irving, TX. He has been working illegally for 5-6 years in a gas station. According to him, Immigration officer knocked on the door around 6 am that morning, when he opened the door,officer introduced himself and asked him, do you work? He said yes. Officer asked him 2nd time, do u have paper to work? he said no and then he got arrested.

    By the help of his good friend, he was released on the bond for $5000.00 cashier check.

    Officer told him they will have hearing in the court in 3 months.

    God Bless him and his family. He was doing masters.

    Becarefull all guys… dont work on check.. accept only cash..

  4. I feel sorry for those my fellow nepalese going through the hard time with immigration. our nepalese society should help them to get out of that trouble. we can easily raise that fund. i am also ready to help them. we all know millions of people are illegal and still working.they all should know how to b on the safe side.
    And this is USA not Nepal where there is loose immigration. they go with the law. so if someone is caught by immigration there is noone to blame other than their fate. we are the one to b cautious being safe in this foreign land. so guys protect urself being caught rather than to blame or curse an immigration officer who is doing his/her job.
    @ anita – i can feel u the situation u had to go through. but if someone is staying illegal and caught by the immigration, they will in the procedure of deportation. moreover, they got high chance of 10 yrs banned and even a life banned to come to america. but, i see u have a chance to get your petition of ur mother to b approved(as she is 60+) if u apply the waiver of 10 yrs banned.

  5. it is not surprising to me that the illegal students are arrested.it is also a lesson for those in nepal who are dying to come to Us by any means.Please why don’t u try to put ur skills for the sake of ur motherland.I personally know some of my friends who loan money from their relatives to make to Us.I mean why do u want to show off when you know that the ending might be a painful one.

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