A Step Closer To Save Helping Bishnu Maya Karki’s Son

On behalf of the entire team of TexasNepal, huge thanks once again to everyone who donated to help Bishnu Maya Karki pay for her son Suresh Karki’s kidney treatment at Manipal Hospital in Pokhara.

The total amount collected was Rs 86,400 which has now been deposited into Suresh Karki’s bank account at Machhapuchchhre Bank, account No.  15-40-524-094738-01-8.

TexasNepal representative entering Machhapuchre Bank to deposit fund

According TexasNepal PR Representative Avinash Shrestha who talked to Karki over the phone, he is searching for a donor to get a kidney transplant until then he will have to undergo dialysis. Hopefully, our initiative will help his treatment tremendously and eventually save his life.

Deposit Slip after depositing the amount

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