Bollywood Nepali Actor Murdered In India

A Nepali actor in Bollywood has been murdered by two struggling actors, decapitating her head in the Indian border city of Gorakhapur.

According to The Indian Express, Minakshi Thapa, 26, who had settled in Dehradun before moving to Mumbai, was allegedly murdered by Amit Jaisawal, 36, and Preeti Elvina Surin, 26.

The accused two had been carrying the severed head of Thapa for two days, before throwing it out of a bus on their way to Mumbai and deposing her body. She had gone missing a month ago from her Lokhandwala residence.

Police said the duo had befriended Thapa at a film shoot and that she had told them that she comes of a rich family and was working in Bollywood simply to pursue her hobby.

Faced with economic difficulties, the two then planned to kidnap Thapa and demand ransom from her father. On March 13, they lured Thapa to Allahabad for a film shoot. After killing her in Gorakhpur, they acquired her ATM card and mobile SIM card, police said.

The accused then allegedly made calls to Thapa´s mother demanding a ransom of NRs15 lakh, threatening that they would shoot a blue film featuring Thapa and would kill her if their demand was not met.

In the meantime, the two managed to receive IRs 60,000 (NRs 96,000) from the Thapa family. Thapa’s brother Nawaraj handed the cash to the kidnappers.

It also said acting on a tip-off police arrested Jaiswal and Surin from Bandra on Saturday. They have confessed to the crime but have not revealed where they disposed Thapa’s body.

Source: Republica


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