CA Smackdown: Brawl and Vandalism

The late night meeting of the Constituent Assembly was postponed for 1:00 pm Tuesday (January 20, 2015), following strong protest amidst scuffles by the opposition CA members against the effort to table a proposal for a committee to develop questionnaires on the disputed issues of the new constitution.

Source: Republica
Source: Republica

As soon as CA Chairman Subas Nembang called the name of Nepali Congress Chief Whip Chinkaji Shrestha to table the proposal for the formation of the committee, the opposition members left their respective seats and rushed towards the rostrum. Chanting slogans against the move, the opposition CA members tried to break the human chain of the marshals to stop the proposal from being made. However, NC Chief Whip Shrestha was not allowed to reach to the podium. And, the marshals did not recognize him when he had forced his way through.


Sensing that the situation was turning hostile after some time of commotion and scuffle between the opposition CA members and the marshals, CA Chair Nembang announced the postponement of the meeting until 1:00 pm Tuesday. Some of the opposition CA members resorted to vandalism after the CA meeting was adjourned, breaking chairs and microphone, jumping over the tables and throwing chairs towards the marshals, and hurling their shoes towards the podium. Scores of marshals were injured in the incident. Opposition lawmakers also hurled microphones at UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and Vice-chairman Bidhya Bhandari.

Source: My Republica

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Here’s the video of what went down in the CA yesterday.

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