Cook Book ‘Taste of the Himalayas’ Unveiled

Source: Republica
Source: Republica

As an earnest attempt to help the Nepalis rejoice their native taste in a foreign land, Dhruva Thapa opened his first Nepali restaurant, ‘Taste of the Himalayas’, in California, United States in 2005. Post the launch, the restaurant not just proved bliss to Nepalis, but won hearts of many Americans, who, then, found Nepali cuisine just irresistible.

Now, after nine years of his successful legacy of running the restaurant, Dhruva Thapa has come up with a newer of vision of expanding the reach of Nepali food around the world: releasing a Nepali cookbook.

Titled ‘Taste of the Himalayas: A Gift from the Finest Himalayan Restaurant,’ this English-language cookbook was launched on January 8 at Yogakula, California, by a Nobel Prize Laureate on Physics, Douglas Osheroff.

Written in a span of four years, the book includes a wide range of recipes of Nepali foods, many of which were gathered during author Thapa’s extensive journey to the villages of Nepal.

“I believe this book takes you on a culinary journey to the hidden valleys, mountains and plains of the great Himalayan region,” mentioned Thapa, indicating the origins of the recipes during the book launch.

“The book also includes recipes that are not served in any restaurant in the US. Therefore, I put these recipes for you to try, taste, and enjoy the traditional food served in the Himalayas,” he added.

The book offers a scintillating photography collection of the dishes captured by American photographer, Jamie Sojha, who in the past, has been an official photographer for world-renowned personalities such as Barrack Obama, Bill Gates and Dalai Lama.

On achieving the anticipated success of the book in the future, author Thapa has promised to release the second and third edition of the book. ‘Taste of the Himalayas’ has already been receiving accolades from different US-based Nepali communities as the book has promoted Nepali cuisine at an international level.

Source: Republica

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