Die NotenDealer Covers ‘Nepali Ho’ Acappella (1974 AD)

Die Notendealer are a German acappella  band who hail from Dresden, comprised of old friends who share more than a decade of prized friendship. The group is made up of Felix Gunther who handles the alto voice, Lass Kessler who handles the tenor duties. Tim Gesnitz deals with baritone vocals while Sabor Fesencz in on the bass voice, all of whom are music students. The name basically implies dealers who deal with notes. Die Notendealer met 1974 a.d. back in their hometown who hooked them up with Jazzmandu while the group was on a travel visit to Nepal for an INGO. The group is actually a 5 member team but stripped down to 4 members as one of their bandmates couldn’t make it to Nepal.

Here’s the acappella version of popular ‘Nepali Ho’ with the message to help Nepal.

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