DIG Slaps Junior For Failing To Recognise

Chief of Mid-Western Regional Police DIG Parbati Thapa Magar on Tuesday slapped a police constable at the domestic terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

Constable Bina Darai was slapped three times on her cheeks because she failed to recognise the DIG in civvies and searched her person as an ordinary individual.

The incident occurred at around 8:45am while DIG Thapa Magar was about to board a Buddha Air plane to Nepalgunj, where her office is stationed.

A high-level police official at the TIA, requesting anonymity, said Darai was told to report in writing to her seniors about the “misconduct” DIG Thapa meted out to her. According to the official, the report will be forwarded to the Nepal Police headquarters in a couple of days.

“I didn’t search her body out of disrespect. I failed to recognise her since I am new in the service,” the official quoted Darai as saying. According to him, DIG Thapa Magar charged straight on the constable’s face after she started searching the former’s body.

DIG Thapa Magar, however, was not available for comments. She is one of the two female police officials to have ever reached the position. Bimala Thapa holds the other post. Thapa Magar joined the police as sub-inspector in 1983. She became a DIG in November 2008.

Source: Ekantipur.com

7 thoughts on “DIG Slaps Junior For Failing To Recognise”

  1. There is no credible source in this matter. Don’t believe everything that’s written these days. It’s all politics. D.I.G Thapa is a very kind hearted person. I had met her few years back. She has done a lot for Nepalese women. She helped to establish Police Women Cell to help women in need. She is that brave woman who helped bring light to the case of gang rape victim Suntali Dhami despite the pressure of politicians. It’s unbelievable that she would slap anyone in such a public place, that too 3 times. Journalist is just watching too many hindi movies and making up stories. If you give money to them, they can publish bad stories about anyone you want. Well, I heard that DIG Thapa is in the line of being promoted to AIG and there is a tough competition so this article was published to give her bad name.

  2. Euta kehi kura paunu hunna! sacho hos ki jutho, comments dina chai JUDGE le jasto koi pachadi hatdainan hamra Nepali daju bhai tatha didi bahini haru.

  3. This news is not true. I work at the TIA airport and based on what I have heard from other security guards, the slaps never happened. DIG Parbati had identified herself to a couple of the security guards at the gate, but that news apparently did not reach Constable Bina. So, when DIG Parbati reached at the check-point, Constable Bina proceeded to check DIG’s baggages. Since, DIG Parbati was in a hurry to catch the plane to work and the flight was leaving soon, DIG identified herself to Bina and asked her to hurry up. But Constable Bina still continued to check the baggages without paying any attention to DIG’s comments. As a result, DIG told Constable Bina that her behavior was disrespectful towards a senior officer and that DIG would make a complaint against her towards her senior officers at TIA. After that, DIG left towards the plane. I don’t know how this event escalated to what it has become. I think Constable Bina falsified this event to the media and put the blame on DIG so that she doesn’t get in trouble with her senior officers.

  4. जुन समाचार को यथार्थ आँफै ओझेल मा छ, तेस्लाई अफुले देखे जस्तै र जाने जस्तै गरी नकरात्मक टिप्पणी दिनु एउटा शीचीत र स्वाभिमान ब्यक्तित्वो को खिलाफ हो। संचार माध्यम को आधुनिकरन संगै यस्को प्रयोग शाही ढंग ले हुनु पनि जरुरी छ। यो पनि ख्याल राख्णु पर्छ कि एश्मा कसै को स्वार्थ ले जन्माएको प्रसँग हुन सक्छ भनेर! जसरी आफ्नो comment दिन सजिलो छ, तेस्लाई justifiy पनि सजिलै गर्नु सक्नु पर्छ, नत्र भने त्यो comment को कुनै औचित्य रहन्न। यहाँ नेपाल को एक जिम्मेबार बारिस्ट प्रहरी अधिक्रित को प्रसँग लाई लिएर बिना आधार नकरआत्मक कुरा उथाइेएको छ! म साह्रै हैरान भएको छु।

  5. This article is based on false accusation. This incident was all made up to assasin Parbati Thapa’s character and the report of this incident has been already dismissed. Admin should remove this false article if TexasNepal believes in true journalism and posts articles based on proven facts and not copy paste from somewhere.

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