Dillydallying II

Who Talks Politics…?

 Constitution or without Constitution 

-Dwarika Pd. Shrestha

Revival of Constituent Assembly, Public poll, Completion of Peace Process, Issuing full-fledged budget, Ordinance/s, Round Table Meeting and the like are some more agendas to buy more time again.

The 14th day of Jestha, 2069 B.S. and 27th of May, 2012 A.D. accordingly, the very valuable Sunday passed by, but the expected out come from the Constitution Assembly (CA) could not be materialized. The long awaited draft of new constitution for Federal Democratic system did not appear. People were shocked. The political champions- specially the big chieftain/s of all big political parties participating in the CA including Mr. Puspa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda, the leader of the largest party and few more non-elected leaders , like Madhav Kumar Nepal staying outside CA were completely failure. They ate and lived in a luxurious life all through four years time at the cost worth more than 10 arabs (10 billions) of rupees, that could help establish some good large scale industries in the country providing employment for more than 60,000 people or construct a long Highway connecting many parts of the Country. It would be surprising to know how the ex-CA members and the special big liars, leading the large political parties in CA could digest that heavy amount of money. They know, all the money were raised from the commoners and lent from different friendly countries.

Again dillydallying:

Despite the 15th of Jestha remained calm, quite and peaceful, many events like political demonstration/s, caricature of chieftains, interactions, interviews of the shameless chieftains of the political parties were demonstrated on the street and appeared in many of the electric and the print medias. Many stories and reports made public tried to convince the people that the failure of Constituent Assembly caused simply by non-cooperation among different political party members in CA. That had not damaged the value of the people’s verdict and votes, the reports indicated. In another hand, the failure of the CA in its assigned job projected the CA members and other related ones like cheaters or louse that socked the National resources like blood from human body. The people had given them only 2yrs. time to accomplish the assignment. But they extended their term by two years more on their own and were successful to sock the blood of Nepali people for 4 years continuously with all dillydallying clues and ideas.

Political dilemma:

Political condition of the country at present is very much in transitional period. After the CA was declared terminated, the country is surviving neither for any condition nor for any compulsion. There is no constitution, no parliament, and no law and order. Since the running Government kept protecting some of the accused murderer as law makers in CA past, people were of the thought that there was no law in the State at present. The termination of CA also caused termination of each and every CA member automatically as an elected representatives of the Legislature. So Babu Ram Bhattarai’s term also was no more. Thus the running Government under his Premiership carries neither constitutional nor legal values. The present Government was declared as a CareTaker only. Mr. Bhattarai, in other hand has become very shrewd to cash out the situation of no constitution and no parliament in the state. He is surviving. No body knows, how long?

The recent political transition was found due to lame political exercise of the present self-centered leaders of different political parties. If the sincere scribe was not wrong, the transitional period of politics in Nepal had begun more than two decades ago. The transition stage caused simply due to high command of the self –centered leader/s of the then political party in power. Some of them tried to become like George Bush, the junior of the USA whereas, the other tried to be a billionaire. An electronic media said that the UCPN Maoist of Nepal was known as the richest political party in Asia at present.

Whither Prachanda?

Though Prachanda or Puspa Kamal Dahal tried his best with several dillydallying logics and ideas, Mohan Vaidya, one of the three Vice Presidents of original UCPN Maoist took away more than half of its strength to form the new NCP, Maoist party in his leadership. Prachanda was blamed as dishonest and feigned leader to the Party.  Prachanda along with Babu Ram Bhattarai and Narayan Kazi Shrestha, both Vice Presidents of the UCPN-Maoist and sitting Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively are still with the original Maoist Party. Yet NK Shrestha has reportedly formed some new group, which is yet to make public. Similarly, Bhattarai, the Prime Minister hardly listen to his original leader and like to stay in power although he was advised to step down by him.  Bhattarai turned down his advice. Prachanda thus was turned voiceless at present. His interact to the public was virtually nil. Does Prachanda still deserve continue the leadership in the party? That’s a question the people think of at present but also difficult to make any comment, that was too early.

Who Talks Politics …?

The political scenario after the failure of the Constituent Assembly (CA) has changed completely. On top of that, the big parties have been fractioned in to two. The Unified Nepal Communist Party UCPN Maoist, former largest  party in CA was divided into two. Mr. Mohan Vaidya, one of the former Vice-Presidents of UCPN-Maoist led the new Maoist party named as NCP, Maoist. Mr. Puspa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda remained as the President of the UCPN Maoist. Similarly, Madhise Forum also divided in to two. Mr. Bijaya Gachhedar led old one and Mr. Sarad Bhandari led the newly formed party of the Forum. The second largest party, Nepali Congress in CA, was virtually fractioned was reportedly merged. So the political scenario at present was different. The changed scenario was neither healthy for any party nor the people nor that’s healthy for the system they (the political parties) wanted to establish in the country after 1963 revolution. That had been very much individualistic and help defend the self-interest of the leader in power. They do not hate even to protect any illegal elements and the activities if the event as well as the actor was in favour of them and support their every illegal activities. Like it was said, ‘the Politics is a dirty game.’ Dirty politics was a result of dirty vision, dirty program and dirty activities.

Will Nepal be free of the dirty tricks soon?

The End

Editor’s Note: Dwarika Pd. Shrestha is a senior journalist from Nepal, who contributes to TexasNepal.com with blogs. Please follow his other blogs at dipeesh.blogspot.com

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