Darshan Rauniyar contesting for US Congress

Darshan Rauniyar with his family
Rauniyar family [Photo courtesy of darshanforcongress.com]
Darshan Rauniyar, a Nepali-American, is contesting as a Democratic candidate in Washington State’s first Congressional district.

Mr. Rauniyar came to the US 20 years ago as an engineering student and has been active in county and district level Democratic Party politics for almost a decade.

He has prioritized healthcare and employment opportunities as his electoral agenda and is seeking support from Nepali societies in America for his candidacy.

Mr. Rauniyar is probably the first Nepali contesting for the US Congress.

For more details about Darshan Rauniyar, his candidacy and to learn how you can help him please visit his official campaign website at darshanforcongress.com.

Update Watch an interview with Darshan Rauniyar by TexasNepal at ANA Concention in Washington DC.

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