Disqualified Maoist Combatants Withdraw Strike

The disqualified Maoist combatants withdrew the nation-wide strike after an agreement with the government.

The disqualified combatants┬┤ struggle committee withdrew the strike after Ministry for Peace and Reconciliation agreed to sit for talks again in a week during which the committee will present a draft of rehabiliation package for the disqualified combatants.

The government also agreed to release all arrested strike enforcers.

Earlier, normal life has been paralyzed across the country on Thursday due to the general strike called by UNMIN- disqualified ex-Maoist combatants, saying government and their party remained indifferent to address their concerns.

The strike has had partial effect in the capital. Though commuters were seen walking on the road to their destination in the morning due to obstruction in vehicular movement, daily life seemed gradually coming to  normal in the valley.

Source: Republica

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