Entering The World of Crime: Nepali Film Mukhauta


Nepali cinemagoers are soon going to be treated with a crime drama flick. A press conference took place recently on the upcoming new movie Mukhauta. As mentioned in the press release, Mukhauta uncovers the seedy side of Thamel and the power struggle of trying to take and maintain control of it. Old man Mr. D has been controlling Thamel since his 20s but then he’s faced by the new rival gang led by Chepang and his right-hand man Manesh.

The film is set for an epic gangster drama that no one can predict. Everyone has their own motives and ambitions. It examines the nature of greed and power that comes with ambition.

Directed by actor Arpan Thapa who also stars in the movie, Mukhauta boasts an all-star stellar cast that is sure to get you excited! They are the biggest names in the showbiz- Rajesh Hamal, Sunil Thapa, Saugat Malla, Daya Hang Rai, Nisha Adhikhari, Robin Tamang, and Prasant Tamrakar among others.




Director– Arpan Thapa

Screenplay by– Arpan Thapa and Pratik Gurung

Associate Director– Safal K.C

Director of Photography– Narendra Mainali

Music Director– Jason Kunwar

Action Director– Chandra Pant


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