Facebook: A New Nepali Movie

It’s as clear as crystal that we’ve been hit by a new wave of Nepali movies lately which is definitely a great thing because let’s face it, exclamations like “Oh, I can’t wait for it to release!” and “Man, that was really good” were either meant for Hollywood or Bollywood cinemas.

Yes, we have witnessed a series of locally produced films with fresh concepts and unconventional style of directions but at the same time, we can’t say all of them have managed to impress the audience, although their effort is appreciable. After all, change is a steady process and we can’t expect things to be absolutely different overnight. Anyway, I recently happened to discover a trailer for one of the upcoming films and its title should definitely have you interested. It’s called Facebook.

Supposed to be based on the popular social networking site, Facebook has been produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa and directed by Suraj Subba. The film, which was shot partly in Kathmandu and partly in Singapore, features Rajesh Hamal, Jharana Thapa, Subash Thapa, Wilson Bikram Rai, and Anurag Man Singh Kunwar among others and is set for nationwide release on Shrawan 15. When I caught its poster for the first time, I was kind of very excited because it looked promising. So it got me really expectant and I couldn’t help but watch its trailer. And let’s just say, it didn’t quite meet my expectations.

From the video clip, you can figure out that there’s a bit of love story going on and then alongside it’s also an action/crime thriller which is a staple of almost every Nepali picture. However, I was left wondering to myself, “Where the hell does the FB part come in?” Yeah, there’s actually no sign of the FB thing in the trailer so we can only hope that they’ve saved it in the movie itself. But my main concern is the ditto logo of FB they’ve used. I hope they won’t get in any sort of trouble, even though there isn’t much chance of it.


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