Dr. Chintamani Yogi – Personality of the Month for July 2010

chintamani-yogi This month we are featuring Dr. Chintamani Yogi, a very reputed scholar of Eastern philosophy, social worker and educationist from Nepal. He is the founding principal of Hindu Vidya Peeth – Nepal, a non-profit school focused on promoting value-based education as well as helping children from poor families get education.

“Self realization can be achieved by knowing one’s basic nature which in turn helps you decide what’s best for your life”, says Dr. Yogi when we asked him how to live a meaningful life.

Born in Dang, Nepal on 1963 AD in a farming family, Dr. Yogi was keenly interested in religion and spirituality since an early age. His father taught him Bhajans which inspired him to learn Sanskrit and explore the vast world of Hinduism.

He was sent to Delhi at a very early age of seven. He studied Sanskrit for eight years at a Gurukul school and returned to Nepal. He then moved to Kathmandu for higher education. After meeting with Dr. Bihari Lal Shrestha during his college days, he got inspired towards social work. Together they would then lead to the foundation of Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal, a charity-based institution that imparts modern education along with spiritual values dedicated to helping poor students fulfill their dream of higher education.

“Culture and tradition are there for preservation of the society but spirituality is above that – it is what makes us realize the value of our life”, says Dr. Yogi when we asked him what is the importance of spirituality in our lives.

Dr. Yogi also teaches yoga and meditation. He has been coming to Dallas every year since 2008 to conduct Summer Camp, organized annually by NST in coordination with Nepalese Cultural and Spiritual Center (NCSC), where he has been teaching Nepali kids from DFW area about Nepal, Nepali language, Nepali culture and traditional values, Eastern morale and more. He was in Dallas this year for the third Summer Cultural Camp which was scheduled from June 13, 2010 till June 27, 2010.

Dr. Yogi’s message of non-violence, selfless service, tolerance and inter-religious harmony has inspired Nepalis both inside and outside the country. His past visits to the United States have proved to be very beneficial to many of us self-realization and self-awakening.

We wish him Good luck with his career and thank him for the time he set aside to talk with us.

Brief Bio
chintamani-yogi-2Full Name: Chintamani Yogi
DOB: 1963 AD
Birth Place : Dang, Nepal
Current Residence : Kathmandu, Nepal

• Acharya in Sanskrit, Acharya in Yoga, Masters in English and Phd
Organizational Involvement
• Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal (Founding principal and Coordinator)
• Matribhoomi Sevak Sangh (Senior Member)
• Shanti Sewa Asram (Founding Chairperson)
• Youth Society for Peace (Patron)
• Society for Value Education (Founder)

• Website – CMYogi.org
• Email: [email protected]

Interview Video

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