Pundit Deen Bandhu Pokhrel – Personality of the Month for April 2010

deen-bandhu-pokhrel This month we are featuring Pundit Deen Bandhu Pokhrel, an influential spiritual speaker from Nepal who is well known for his outstanding social contribution and philanthropic works in helping raise billions of Rupees in donation for hundreds of schools, colleges, orphanages, hospitals, and other developmental projects throughout Nepal by reciting the Bhagwaat Mahapuraan.

“God is the recognition of one’s inner soul”, says Guru Deen Bandhu when we asked him how he defines God.

He was born on Kartik 20, 2037 BS (November 5, 1980 AD) in Kaguwa of Gorkha, Nepal. He is the son of late Pundit Narayan Prasad Pokhrel who was a very popular and extraordinary orator. His father helped raise millions of Rupees for various developmental works in different parts of Nepal via reciting Bhagwaat Mahapuraan at different events. Pundit Narayan Pokhrel, popularly known as Baachan Shiromani, was shot dead by Maoist insurgents in June 2005 (Baishak 2062BS) after which his son has been following the path he laid out.

In few years time Deen Bandhu has earned fame across the nation and is regarded as one the most popular and influential spiritual figure for Nepalis around the world. Like his father he has been reciting the Bhagwat Mahapuraan in different parts of Nepal and now abroad too. In last two years alone, he collected more than 2 billion Nepali Rupees as donation from these events (Purans). The money has been used for developmental projects like building schools, roads, water supply in various remote areas of Nepal.

“I am advocating for revitalization of Eastern philosophy via spiritual awareness among youths and I believe we can achieve it”, says Deen Bandhu when we asked him the effect of modernization on youths and their belief in spirituality.

He was recently invited to the United States by Nepal Education and Cultural Center, Washington DC to recite the Bhagwat Puran at a 2-day long Mahapuran Gyanyagya. He was in Dallas for a spiritual discourse program organized on April 10, 2010 by Nepali Cultural and Spiritual Center as a fund-raiser for construction of Nepali Cultural Center and two temples in DFW Metroplex.

We wish him Good luck with his work and thank him for the time he set aside to talk with us.

Brief Bio

deen-bandhu-pokhrel-2 Full Name: Deen Bandhu Pokhrel
DOB : November 5, 1980
Birth Place : Kaguwa, Gorkha
Parents: Late Pundit Narayan Prasad Pokhrel and Uma Devi Pokhrel
Current Residence : Kathmandu, Nepal

• Masters in English Literature
• Self taught in Sanskrit Literature
• National Peace Award 2009 from the President of Nepal

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