Former Royal Family’s Assets To Be Used For Public’s Welfare


Nepal government has transferred movable and immovable property that once belonged to slain King Birendra and his family members to a trust. The assets are to be utilised for welfare programmes such as education and healthcare for the general public.

So far, Rs 247.93 million equivalent to USD 2.48 million in cash has been transferred to the Nepal Trust, according to Shreedhar Gautam, secretary at the trust which is responsible for managing the property of the former royal family. Similarly, he informed 26,626 ropanis of land have been found in the name of the former King Birendra, former Queen Aishwarya and other members of the then royal family. However, only 15,273 ropanis of land has come under the control of the Trust. He further added that the process of transferring ownership of the remaining 11,353 ropanis of land has been initiated.

It’s been said that authorities are also trying to find out whether there are other movable and immovable properties in the name of the former royal family members.

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