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      My Dear DFW Friends,
      By now I hope you all know, Kiki Larouge in Boston is organizing Tufts 10K to support Maiti Nepal’s Cause. She has also made some t-shirts for the event. As we cannot attend the event, I am selling the t-shirts here in Dallas to raise funds for Maiti Nepal.

      Details about the t-shirt:
      Cotton tees come in S, M, and L and run a bit on the big side but a nice hot wash with fabric softener seems to mellow them out! They are $25 (add $5 for the shipping)

      I will collect the orders and have all the t-shirts shipped to me, and I will pay the shipping myself so you all don’t have to worry about the shipping. All you have to pay is $25 per T shirt. We are almost out on size small so if medium works for you that would be nice.

      Please let me know asap what size and how many T-shirts you would like, so that I can go ahead and place the order and Kiki can ship it to me from Boston.

      Please remember its a fund-raising and your help will support Maiti Nepal.

      If you have any question please feel free to call me.

      Thank You!!

      Nisha Pradhan

      You can also send text message to 214 519 8585 or leave a voice message if you would like to order a t-shirt.

      Here’s what the t-shirt looks like.


      Logo on the Back

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