Furniture Store Invention: Bike Engine Helicopter

A Pulsar bike engine is more than just a Pulsar bike engine. If you didn’t know, you would be surprised by the things it can help to do; I’ve heard that Pulsar bikes are mostly stolen to use its engine as water pumps in villages and then, there are mobsters riding on it to shoot people in broad daylight. Multipurpose, eh? But, it’s finally amazing to hear about the machine being put to a right use, the right way. That is, apart from its main purpose of creation.

Butwal’s Anil Gautam, who has passed only till fourth grade, has built a helicopter using a 200 cc Pulsar bike engine. He did so with the help of his brother Krishna Gautam and father in his small furniture shop. The helicopter is said to be able to carry three passengers and is ready for a test flight after receiving an official approval from the government. If the amateur-built chopper proves to be safe to fly, the government should approve its operation.


It took Anil 18 months of toiling and about Rs 30 lakhs to complete his project and there’s no doubt he deserves our admiration. And even if he doesn’t succeed, at least we’ll know he tried and his attempt will definitely be appreciated. I hope his work encourages other youth of our country as well. Kudos to him!

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