Get ready to get your own Facebok URL

So you are on Facebook too! No surprise there – it is now social gathering for 200 million people around the world. Since you are on Facebook and you ever decide to quickly share you Facebook profile to your friends or the world via email, blog or your own website then it is going to be really easy in few days. Facebook is soon introducing vanity URL for all Facebookers out there.

Facebook Vanity URL
Facebook Vanity URL

Starting June 13, 2009 at 12:01am EST Facebook is allowing its users to choose a username of their own. So what? Well, once you have your own user name, you will have a personal URL to point to your Facebook profile. Currently you can point anybody to visit your profile with a URL like this That is hard to remember. That is where the user name will come in handy. When you get your own user name, you will get a vanity URL to point to your profile – something like this – (not available yet, could be if I get to use that user name). And that is definitely much easier to remember. So there you go – now get ready and start thinking about the user name because once you select a user name it will be permanent.


To get detailed info click here to go to the post on Facebook Blog.

[Via Facebook Blog]

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