Girls, Party & Hip Hop; KTM Souljah’s ‘Party People’

Here’s a real treat for NepHop (Nepali Hip Hop music) lovers! Thanks to KTM Souljah and his collaboration featuring Sarkar and Deejay Rupesh. The  rapper offers the video for his single ‘Party People’, which has been directed by Randhir Shrestha.

As the title suggests, the song is about not giving a damn and living the party life which obviously includes drinking, smoking and girls apart from music and dancing. Although the lyrics are quite explicit, we’ve got to praise the rapping skills shown by KTM Souljah and Sarkar. Even DJ Rupesh has done a good job with the beats.

Technically, the music vid definitely excels with good directions, camerawork and  slow mos. However, I would suggest you about the ahem… shots from ‘suggestive angles’. All in all, you will enjoy the visual.

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