Grace And Grooves’ Nepali Take At Dallas Int’l Festival

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One of the most talked about events of the year, the Dallas International Festival 2013 took place on May 25, Saturday. It was organised by DFW International Community Alliance whose mission is to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities.
The second edition of the event saw participation from established dance group Grace And Grooves and it was a total surprise as they represented Nepal by performing Nepali dance. Girls performed Murani Dance while boys presented Soldier Dance. Their presentation was a lovely surprise in a way that none of the dancers were from Nepal nor were they aware of language they performed in, yet their choreography and expressions were up to the mark and won the hearts of Nepali audiences in the festival.
Grace And Grooves is a premier dance company that specializes in multicultural performances. Established in 2011 and officially started in 2012, their performing team have performed in various events representing three countries and almost 12 Dance Forms in just a year.
With their own mixes, intricate choreography and culture infused performances, they have come a long way gaining appreciation in local media and respective ethnic groups.
 When asked about their performance, the students revealed they were all very excited and that they visited Nepal through a new dance form. 
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