Haribansha Acharya’s Biography Launched

haribansa1A biography of veteran actor and comedian Haribansha Acharya has been revealed. Titled ‘Cheena Harayeko Manchey’, the book was launched at Moksh, Jhamsikhel on April 28. The ceremony was graced by the presence of a number of personalities.

The biography has been published by FinePrint and has been a collaborative effort between Acharya, short-story writer Dr Rabindra Sameer and Madan Puraskar Laureate Amar Neupane.

Although Acharya was very happy, about his life story coming out in book, he expressed his uneasiness at the event since it coincided with his late wife’s death anniversary.

Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha, together known as ‘MaHa’ have always been a house name in the comedy business. Madan Puraskar Laureate Neupane praised the book as being an honest and innocent documentation of Acharya’s life. “The book is full of moments that will make you laugh and cry,” he commented.

‘Cheena Harayeko Manchey’ has also come out in 2,000 limited edition copies priced at Rs 2,000. The publishers claim that this is the first limited edition phenomena in Nepal.

The proceedings from the book will go towards Meera Care Center, an organization working for the development of poor children in Nepal.

Cheena Harayeko Manchey is priced at Rs 398 and can be found in major bookstores in town.

Photo source: Republica
Photo source: Republica

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