Imagine- Cable Cars In Kathmandu!

Cable CarGood news for those fed up with daily traffic congestion and worsening pollution in Kathmandu. B&S Urban Cable Car is planning to operate cable cars in the capital to offer its residents hassle-free movement in a clean environment. This will provide an alternative mode of transport in the Valley, which is full of narrow roads and devoid of any underground sub-ways.

B&S Urban Cable, a Nepali firm, is carrying out a detailed study to operate urban cable cars in Kathmandu. Entrepreneurs Bhawani Rana and Shyam Mohan Shrestha are the promoters of the firm.

The cost of the project has been estimated for between Rs 13 billion to Rs 14 billion at current prices. The cost will hover between Rs 15 billion to Rs 20 billion when the project is completed in four years, with the rise in cost of production over the period, according to Rana. She also added that many foreign companies have shown interest in working with B&S Urban Cable, and they are currently holding talks with some French companies.

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