Is NRNA ready to sacrifice its name and fame for its Senior VP?

Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) is becoming a common name for its association led by Mr. Suman Timsina in the United States of America. NRN-Association/America (NRNA) has seeded hope to all Nepalis in America for the betterment of Nepal and Nepali through this organization. NRNA is doing great jobs in its mission since its very short life of inception and gaining tremendous credibility among Nepalis diasporas here in the US. Unfortunately, in case of Nepali organizations, as the name and fame of the organization rises due to their incredible jobs, some chair bugs always come into the scene and ruin the name and fame of the organizations. Those position hungry people forget about all the morals and try to grab the position at any cost despite disagreement of the majority. Such action eventually leads the organization into either dysfunctional or disappearance from the community.

We are seeing the same situation in NRNA. This is an open secret that the appearance of Mr. Prahlad KC in the position of Senior VP was very controversial. Without any doubt Mr. KC hijacked this position in a very shameful manner. Still dedicated members and well wishers of NRNA accept him for this position just to protect the growing public support to this organization. This is unfortunate for NRNA team that Mr. KC’s same unethical and shameful strategy to hijack the President position of Association of Nepalis in Americas (ANA) without letting other practice democratic election is jeopardizing the name and fame of NRNA.

Mr. KC and his team shamefully declared themselves as elected Offices or ANA when all the Nepali communities in the US know that ANA election is still underway and will be over in August. His team declared themselves ANA Officers and in the same time ridiculously boycotted the ANA DC Convention 2011 at Chantilly, VA. Mr. KC, Sr. VP of NRNA, blamed this Convection as illegal, unauthentic and with no public support. Except him all the NRNA executives authorized ANA DC Convention and participated with successful NRN forums. Now the question is: where does Mr. KC stand in NRNA? More than 3000 Nepalis participated in the ANA DC Convention, and Mr. KC is saying the convention has no public support. Thousands of ANA members are willing to participate in the democratic ANA Election 2011, and Mr. KC and his team are proudly claiming that ANA belongs to these handful people and rest are not ANA members.

Now, it is crystal clear that Mr. Prahlad KC is a problem in Nepali community. He created problems in NRNA, now he is creating problem in ANA. If all the NRNs don’t find a cure for such a problematic character in NRNA, NRNA will no doubt face grave challenges in the near future that may lead to the formation of another NRNA in the US. It is the choice of NRNA Executives whether to get rid of this rotten potato or all get rotten to be permanently discarded.

Bijay Thapa,

2011 ANA General secretary candidate and

A well wisher of NRNA

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