Kid Queen Nepal Contestants Flaunt Their Talent

All the contestants from Kid Queen Nepal showcased their talent April 27 (14th Baisakh, 2070) at 1999 A.D. Party Palace. Different contestants with different performed their talents through various forms. Some danced while some sang, some gave speech on various topics while some presented art and handicraft as their special skills.
To name a few, Miss Puja Maharjan performed Annapurna Dance form, Sakshi Rajak painted a beautiful scene, Salina Koirala sang a melodious song ‘Jaha Chhan Buddha Ka Ankha’. Likewise, Anisha Chhetri and Tenjing Lhoden Lama danced in beautiful Nepali and Newari numbers respectively. Swornim Sandhya Maharjan demonstrated her talent of defense through Karate. The performances were very outstanding and all the contestants gave their best to get the award and crown of the title Miss Talent, which shall be awarded on the Grand Finale.
The 40 contestants of Kid Queen Nepal- 2013 performed in front of 11 jury members . The host of the program was Miss Jenisha Manandhar.
The preparation for the big day continues as all the participants are having regular training at Hamro Cafe, New road. They are being choreographed by Miss Rohiya Maharjan. The main event will be held at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi on May 1, 2013 (Baisakh 18, 2070).
The program has been organised Nepalese Fashion Home (NFH).

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