Live Ebola Victim Nearly Sent to Crematorium

Incredible moment ‘dead’ Ebola victim left in the street for days in Liberia turns out to be ALIVE as he is prepared for burial

A man thought to have died of Ebola in the middle of a Liberian street was discovered to still be alive when funeral workers arrived to pick up his body.

The unnamed 37-year-old is said to have been dying from the virus in the open air for several days but ambulance workers in the capital Monrovia refused to treat him, local community leaders said.

Finally, following days without medical attention, the man stopped moving and funeral workers were called – although while preparing to take him for burial they noticed he was trying to move his arms.

The realistion that the man was still alive prompted cheers from the large crowd of onlookers, who then had to plead with paramedics to take the man for treatment at the hospital.

The incident occurred earlier this week in an Ebola-ravaged section of the Liberian capital Monrovia and was captured on video by ABC News.

Thinking the man had already died, reporter Dr Richard Besser was filming a piece to camera, having spoken to several community leaders about the way the victim had been abandoned without medical treatment for several days.

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