Man Goes To Prison for Selling Daughter

On January 9, Wednesday, a man was sent to prison for selling his daughter in an Indian brothel. Lok Bahadur Ghale, 64, a resident of Dubachaur VDC-6, has been sentenced to 11 years in jail under the Human Trafficking and Transportation (control) Act-2064 BS. Harka Bahadur Tamang, on the other hand, has also been slapped a 10-year jail term for selling Ghale´s daughter who has been identified as Chautara-I´.

selling daughter
Photo source: Republica

Chautara-I was sold into a brothel in Sahid Nagar of New Delhi, India five years ago. She had managed to escape the brothel three months later. After she returned to her village, Chautara-I filed a written complaint against Ishwor Ghale and Ram Sharan Ghale. Her father was arrested later by the police on the basis of their statements. Police arrested Harka Bahadur and Kajiman on the basis of the statement of Ghale, the victim´s father. Chautara-I was married to Gambhe Ghale, of Chautara-9. After Gambhe married another woman, Ghale took his daughter away to Kathmandu and handed her over to Harka Bahadur.

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