MUSIC VIDEO: Joint Family International Portray ‘National Problems’ In ‘Batti Deuta’

Finally comes a much needed anthem that we’d all been seeking for. Thanks to Joint Family Internationale who have just released the music video for their single Batti Deuta! Its description on YouTube reads, “Batti Deuta is a satirical song asking the Gods to ‘give us ‘batti’ or light. As we Nepali people consider a stone or a rock to be God, then there must be a God for electricity, water, roads and wisdom. So, this song is simply a prayer to all those gods and goddesses to give us all the things we don’t have enough of in Nepal.”

Apart from the song being extremely catchy and the entire lyrics making absolute sense, what I particularly liked about this music video was that the reggae band had filmed few shots at some of the historical and cultural heritage sites before they got destroyed or damaged by the massive April 25 earthquake. Thanks for capturing a bit of history there, guys!

So enjoy the ironically funny music video and comment if you have anything to say about it!

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