My “Why”

End of 2009, I watched the documentary “The day my God died”. That is when I decided I would nominate “Anuradha Koirala” for “CNN Hero of the Year 2010” award. Initially all I thought about was – she is a great woman; she deserves to be recognized. Then I started thinking, well if someone from Nepal gets nominated more people will know about Nepal. How great is that!

There is definitely no doubt Anuradha Koirala deserves every bit of recognition and appreciation for what she has done and because of her if Nepal is known to many more people, it is fantastic. As months passed by, I got involved and learned more about human trafficking and Maiti Nepal. Today I have come to realize, the whole thing is just so much bigger than being recognized as an individual or as a country.

Once some guy I know cursed me. That day, I came home, locked the door, did not even turn the lights on, it was pitch dark and I cried. I cried for hours and hours. I cannot literally describe how exactly I felt, but I can assure you I did feel like dying. Today when someone asks me, how does a victim of sex trafficking feel? I think of that day, and I simply say, you know what, I cannot even imagine.

As a woman who cannot even take few nasty words from a man, how can I imagine how it feels to be deceived? How can I imagine how it feels to be sold? How can I imagine what it feels to be abused?

Every girl has a dream, no matter where she is born, no matter if she is rich or poor, educated or not , but every girl grows up with a dream and honestly it is like a fairy tale. Girls dream of prince charming, they feel some day her prince will come to her life, love her like crazy and take her away to a land of fairy tale.

Sometimes I cannot sleep and I think, what would go through me if, that man I have always dreamt of comes to my life, makes me believe he loves me like crazy, makes me believe he would take me to paradise. And as I am still dreaming of my paradise, I am waken up to realize It was all a lie. I realize I have been deceived and I have been sold in a market for couple hundred rupees. At that point, I wonder what hurts the most? Being sold? Being deceived of being loved? Being stupid for believing in love? or Being alone?

I am a woman, an educated woman and I cried for hours over some nasty words by some guy. What would have I done if I was one of those women who are being sold? When I think of it, I go numb!

What goes through a trafficked woman is beyond imaginable, lets not even talk about the innocent children who go through this hell. I might not be able to know exactly how much it pains, but I do realize it pains a lot.

After going through utter torment, some of the women get lucky and escape. Not forgetting most of them are victim of deadly diseases. Yet, they get back home thinking they can at least live the rest of their lives in peace. Instead they are hated and disgraced by their own people and society. First she is a victim of trafficking, then she is a victim of disease and again she is a victim of disgrace.

Anuradha Koirala being nominated as CNN Hero does not only represent herself or Nepal. She represents all the women and children who survived human trafficking. She represents me, who believes human trafficking is wrong. Many times, I am asked why do I support her? I support her because I stand against Human trafficking.

I vote and I wish she wins the CNN Hero of the Year award. Not only because she deserves the award, not only because Nepal will be known to many more – when she wins the award, it will not be her victory alone, it will be my victory, it will be the victory of every single person who stands against human trafficking.

Every single vote for Anuradha Koirala screams against every single person who is involved in this crime. Personally I feel, when these people see how many of us are against their act, maybe hundreds or at least tens will realize how wrong of a business they are in and they might even stop such heinous crime.

If you know why you are doing something, you will do it better. Don’t just vote or ask for vote, be informed. Understand why this is important, why do you have to vote, realize how important this issue is to you. It is very important to believe in something you do. I believe Human Trafficking is wrong and Anuradha Koirala as a CNN Hero can help stop human trafficking, this is why I vote and support her.

Now “Why” do you support?

P.S. – If you know your “why” and if think it’s worth your time, Here is the link to vote. Love your “why” and keep your love alive. Keep voting.

Nisha Pradhan

Irving, Texas


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0 thoughts on “My “Why””

  1. Nepal needs to work upon the grim issue!

    i appreciate your effort in bringing into light , you deserve to be applauded equally what we had done and thought of it since years , you have done it in seconds………

    we want risk takers and not a bunch of merry makers!

    together we have to curb the menace .

    we also have to give her the title

    “iron lady” whether the govt gives or not its we who would chose this time!

  2. Thanks a million Nishji for your great thought. See what happened to your initial idea of nominating Anuradha Koirala for CNN Hero.

    It was great to see you on CNN with Samratji.

    Not only Anuradha didi, you both became hero to so many young people.

    I spoke with Anuradha didi yesterday and am going to the Screening of the film tonight.

    Keep up the good work.

    Here is a song by RK Dhakal (NRN Song you might like: I wrote the lyrics: to get respect for Nepalese all over the world and I think this is the time we need to remind ourselves more).

    Thanks a lot again. Please convey my thanks to Samraji also.

    -Prem Guragain
    Los Angeles, CA

  3. Congrats to you for appreciating a true hero! I wish more of us recognized our heroes and helped inspire more people to do good work in this world.

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