NAC’S MA 60 Faced Problem Again

Bad luck struck the MA 60 aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) once again. The plane had to be grounded again, after just two days of flying, since a technical problem was detected in its radar.


Shedding more light on the incident, spokesperson of NAC Saroj Kasaju said the problem was seen after landing at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu on Tuesday evening (July 15, 2014). “We have already ordered the equipment from China to repair the radar,” added Kasaju. The plane was said to remain grounded till Sunday.

According to NAC officials, technical problem in the radar makes it difficult for the aircraft to detect directions. It also makes it difficult for pilots to contact the control tower.

The aircraft had previously avoided accident when it hit a bird while landing at the Biratnagar Airport on June 30, after which the aircraft remained grounded for 13 days and the aircraft had resumed scheduled flight on Monday only.

The MA 60 had resumed scheduled flight after technicians from Nepal and China installed a new propeller in the aircraft on Saturday evening. Right propeller of the aircraft was damaged in the bird hit.

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