Natural Remedies for Hair

If you are suffering from any kind of hair problem then you have come to right place as I am going to give out some natural remedies which will help to strength your hair and give you healthy hair. These are the remedies I use for my hair and does wonders to my hair.

Dandruff Solution – Mix a few drops of rosemary oil with 2 tbsp of olive oil and massage well into the scalp at bedtime. Rinse with shampoo next morning.

Egg Shampoo – Mix two small eggs with 50 g of still mineral water and 1 tbsp of cider vinegar or lemon juice. Blend it in blender for 30 seconds at low speed. Rub well into the scalp and rinse it using lukewarm water. Bear in mind, if the water is any hotter than the egg will start to set so just use lukewarm water.

Hot oil – Any vegetable oil is suitable for conditioning. Heat the oil slightly warm and massage into your scalp. Also massage gently through every part of your hair. Cover your head with plastic shower cap for 20 mins. Shampoo and rinse after that.

Avacado Hair Mask – Avacados are packed with natural oils helps to maintain hair in good condition. This hair mask is ideal for dry to normal hair. Mash the avacado, add any hair oil to the mixture. Apply to your hair beginning at the roots and working towards the ends. cover with shower cap or hot towel and leave it for 25- 30 mins. Shampoo and condition after that.

Cider Vinegar – 2 tbsp of cider vinegar will add gloss and body to any hair colour.

Banana Hair Mask – Mash the banana and mix it with olive oil. Need to mix it very well and apply the mask on your hair. Leave it for 20 mins and rinse afterwards. It will give ice shiny and healthy hair.

These are the natural remedies you can try at home. However, the key to beautiful and healthy hair is your diet too. What you eat is reflected on your hair. You are what you eat so try to look after what you eat. With this natural remedies and balanced diet you will be able to get healthy hair and you won’t need to take any supplementry vitamins to promote healthy hair growth.

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