Nepal Telecom’s 9th Anniversary Discounts & Offers

NTC logoNepal Telecom (NT) is currently providing various bonus and discount schemes to customers on the occasion of its ninth anniversary (February 3). SMS charge has been slashed to 50 paisa from Rs 1 per message and the charge for night calls (10 pm to 6 am) under the GSM and CDMA mobile services has been fixed at 30 paisa per minute for until March 13.

The tariff for calls using the 1424 access code to the UK and Australia has been reduced to Rs 4 and Rs 7.75, respectively while the existing rate for making calls to both the places stands at Rs 12 per minute, exclusive of taxes.

Regarding the landline service, NT has provided 225 calls (50 calls extra) within the minimum charge of Rs 200 per month which will be valid until May 14.

NT has also decided to provide an additional 10 GB bonus to the subscribers of 32GB, 48GB, and 60GB volume-based package of WiMax broadband internet. The bonus will be valid until March 13.

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