Nepal Urges UAE To Deny Visas For Nepali Women Below 30

Nepal's Ambassador To UAE Dhananjay Jha/ Photo Source: The National
Nepal’s Ambassador To UAE Dhananjay Jha/ Photo Source: The National

The Nepali government is urging the UAE to stop issuing housemaid visas to its female citizens under 30. Although Nepal banned women younger than this from taking these jobs in the Arabian Gulf in August last year following claims of abuse, there is no such ban under UAE law. Hence, visas can still be issued.

There have been many cases of young Nepalese women being lured to the UAE with the false promise of jobs but were abused and illegally hired out for a few thousand dirhams by unscrupulous agents.

The embassy will emphasise its ban in a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The Nepalese Embassy in Abu Dhabi will reiterate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to issue housemaid visas to any Nepalese girl below 30 , if they want to help the government of Nepal, ,” said the ambassador, Dhananjay Jha  to

The embassy is also calling for domestic workers to be governed by labour laws rather than come under the protection of the Ministry of Interior.

The move is part of talks between the Nepalese government and all GCC countries over the rights of domestic workers.


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