Nepali guy drowns and dies in Irving, Texas

Mr. Sagar Nath Panta died today (August 4, 2009) at Baylor hospital in Irving, Texas. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday afternoon after he drowned himself in a swimming pool in his apartment complex.

Mr. Panta was a former resident of Sabal Bahal, Kathmandu, Nepal and had recently moved to Texas with his family including his wife Kamala Pant, son Suraj Ballav Panta (19) and Kritika Panta (17). Panta family arrived in Texas on June 21st 2009 just 45 days ago via the Diversity Visa program. They were still trying to get used to their new home.

Nepali society of Texas is raising funds to support the family with the funeral expenses. You can donate to the family by following the link below:

Donate to Panta Family

Here are persons you can contact for questions related to the donation:

Dhurba Panday – 972-754-2808

Gauri Joshi – 214-537-1166

Murali Adhikari – 225-362-1916

Janak Rana – 972-890-6304

Ram C Pokhrel – 682-521-7475

Kriahna Lamichhane – 214-454-0737

Nepalese Society Texas has decided to organize his funeral.

Details of the funeral:

Date: August 5th 2009 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:30 PM

Place: Hughes Funeral Home

9700 Webb Chapel, Dallas, TX, 75220

Phone: 214-350-9951

We pray to God – May his soul rest in peace.

[Via email from Ram Pokhrel, President of NST]

0 thoughts on “Nepali guy drowns and dies in Irving, Texas”

  1. THis is the hard moment for the family members living the one of the fren of kritika pant…i pray to god to rest his soul in peace in heaven…n release da pains from their hurt n mind….

  2. I dont understand why people need to interfere in others matter. The people above who posted this article dont even know the names properly and dare to post this without their consent. It is not very nice to post this kind of things in public especially without letting the family know. I have a very good bonding with the Pant family and according to them they are very much disappointed with this kind of article. The article does not make any sense and the mention of the current situation of the family out there has nothing to do with it. I am personally greatly disappointed with this article and request you to remove it.

    1. Mr. Reyes I understand but this article was intended to inform the Nepali community members living in Texas about the sad demise of Mr. Panta and let everyone know how they can help the family members including the link where they could go to make financial donation. The article was based on an email sent out by the president of Nepalese Society of Texas and we were told that the organization was organizing funeral and needed financial support from the community members. The article was not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings and as far as I know the email was sent out with the consent of next-to-kin of Mr. Panta. Thank you for your concern. Regarding the names, they were published as provided to us by NST.

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