Newcomer Bhupal Debuts With “ANEJA Ko Muskan”

Nepali music industry became an artist richer on Wednesday, March 14 with the release of Bhupal Poudyal’s debut album “ANEJA Ko Muskan”. The set was launched at an event held at Tehzeeb 50 Cent bar, Lal Durbar where several media personalities made their presence.
Aneja ko Muskan
Poudyal has incorporated a total of 10 songs in the album and the entire composition as well as lyrics have been handled by the newcomer himself. Regarding the record’s title, “ANEJA Ko Muskan” is a combination of the countries he’s currently living in, he’s originated from, his wife is from and his sister’s name. In other words, A=America, NE=Nepal, JA=Japan and Muskan is his sister’s name. Aneja also happens to be his daughter’s name.
Bhupal Paudeyal's talking about his Album. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
The singer is an NRN and is a student at the University of Portland. “ANEJA Ko Muskan” happens to be the first record to be released under the banner of the new company Zed Entertainment whose manager happens to be singer Jagat Bohara.
From left to right: Shubha Bahadur Sunam, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Jagat Mardan Thapa and Madan Singh Nepali launching Paudayel's New album Aneja ko Muskan
The album was launched by special guest Madan Krishna Shrestha, Chief Guest Madan Singh Nepali, Jagat Mardan Thapa, Shubha Bahadur Sunam, Dilip Poudyal and Jagat Bohara.

Some more photos from the event:

Madan Krishna Shrestha with Anjea ko Muskan Album (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Bhupal Paudeyal talking with media. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Madan Krishna Shrestha in Funny Mood. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal
Madan Singh Nepali (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)


Jagat Mardan Thapa (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Nepal's Top Saxophonist Shubha Bahadur Sunam at the Album Launch Ceremony. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)
Singer Shreya Sotang, Model Binisha Hamal and Music Video Dirctor MOKSHYA
Here is a music video of one of the songs from the album “ANEJA Ko Muskan”

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