No Power Supply In Five VDCs of Dolpa For Three Months

Map-of-Dang-districtThe Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) decision to cut the power supply for three months from Tuesday (August 19, 2014) has affected 6,000 families of five VDCs in Dolpa.

The power supply was obstructed after a flooding in Jairigad rivulet swept away around 100 metre dam of Jairigad Hydropower Project, Dunai.

Raha, Sun, Dunai, Jufal and Sahartara VDCs are by affected the power supply closedown.

According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, the power supply will resume after three months as repair and maintenance work of the damaged dam is underway.

Activities of different government offices and other organisations in the district were affected.

People have been unable to listen to the news, watch television, charge their mobile sets or use internet and email services now that there is no power supply.

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