Official First Look Of Visa Girl Revealed

On Thursday, 21st June, Moksh at Pulchowk was abuzz with the who’s who from film, music and media fraternity. The gathering witnessed the launch of audio, official first look and website for the highly awaited movie Visa Girl which is slated for a 28th September release.

Entire Music team of Visa Girl Launching the music CDs of the Movie. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal )

Releasing under the banner of CG Entertainment, the film has been directed by Prachanda M Shrestha and stars Reecha Sharma, Vinay Shrestha, Karma and Ramon Das Shrestha making his acting debut.

Actor/Producer Vinay Shrestha, Businessman and Lyricist Basanta Kumar Chaudhary and Actress Reecha Sharma launching the Music CDs. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)

Its poster was revealed by Annie Gardner Vaidya while renowned businessman and lyricist Basanta Kumar Chaudhary did the honours of unveiling the soundtrack CD. Quest Entertainment Chairman Nakim Uddin launched its official website.

Official website of The Movie Visa Girl has been launched. ( Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal

The event also had musical performances with Santosh Lama and Shreya Sotang singing one song from the movie each. It has a total of five songs.


Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal


Businessman and Lyricist Basanta Kumar Chaudhary with the Music CDs. (Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal)


Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal
Photo: Nirnit Tandukar/TexasNepal



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