Over 5,000 Chickens Culled In Itahari and Jhapa

After it was confirmed that more chickens of PK Poultry farm in Itahari were infected with bird flu, 4853 chickens were culled on Sunday (February 12). Eggs and chicken feed have also been destroyed completely. Just a week ago, 3500 chickens had died of the H5N1 virus at the farm.

Similarly, 700 fowls were culled in Jhapa after the virus was detected among chickens at Pathamari, Arjundhara and Charpane.

According to Bolraj Acharya, regional chief of animal disease and investigation, who has been leading the investigation in Itahari, strict measures have been taken in order to prevent the disease from spreading further.

He said that 2400 eggs and 140 kg of chicken feed were buried. “It will take two more days to wrap up the clean up work at the poultry farm. Then the farm would be sealed for 3 months,” he said.

Meanwhile, owner of the poultry farm Nirmal Shrestha, a resident of Itahari-6, lamented that he lost Rs 10 million due to death of the his chickens. “The government says it will give me only Rs 130 per chicken and just Rs 3 per egg,” he said.

Source: Republica

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