Painting it Red: Teej Celebration In The Country

Nepali Hindu women all over the country celebrated the festival of Teej on Thursday (August 28, 2014).


On the day of Teej, married women fast for longevity of their husband. Even unmarried women take the fast in the hope of getting a better husband.

In previous years, women used to women used to fast without food and not even drinking water. However, the tradition seems to have been changing gradually, as many women are encouraged by their husbands themselves to take suitable foods including adequate fruits and juice during the fasting.

According to Hindu belief, Goddess Parvati fasted for Lord Shiva on this day. Therefore, Hindu women visit Shiva temples on this day and offer puja. Even when they are at home, they offer puja to Lord Shiva.

One of the highlights of the festival is witnessing devotees and fasting women thronging the Pashupatinath temple since early morning to observe Teej festival.

All Nepali women receive national holiday on this day.

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