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On March 18, 2010 Kundan Bhattarai, a student at North Lake College, passed out at a grocery store. He was rushed to Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas where he was diagnosed with Cardiac Arrest with multiple organ failures and some neurological damages to his brain due to lack to oxygen flow to his brain. He was kept in the ICU for eleven days. Doctors had lost hopes for him but he managed to fight his death and started recovering after the twelfth day.


He recently got discharged from the hospital. According to his cousin Bharat M. Bhattarai, who wrote to us via email, Kundan is feeling much better now. He is very weak though and needs assistance even to get off the bed. He might have to go for rehab for 3-4 months. Doctors fear that even though he is doing good there is high chances of re-occurrence of Cardiac Arrest.

He does not have a health insurance coverage and now has a huge bill to pay off from the hospital. Since he won’t be able to work for months, he and his family members are seeking for financial assistance from Nepalis living here in DFW Metroplex for his medical expenses.

Please follow the link below to contribute to Mr. Bhattarai’s recovery.

For up-to-date information regarding Kundan Bhattarai’s recovery please visit his cousin Bharat M. Bhattarai’s blog at

Below is the email sent out by Bharat M. Bhattarai and was circulated via NST Google Group.

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Bharat Mani Bhattarai. I am writing in behalf of Mr. Kundan Bhattarai, my cousin, who is still fighting and recovering from his ill fated cardiac arrest couple weeks ago and the complications that it has bought to his life. This letter is to seek some financial assistance from all our Nepalese brothers and sisters living in the community to help him in his hardship.

Kundan Bhattarai came to United States as a student and is going to full time school to become a Civil Engineer. He is taking basic classes at North Lake College. A brilliant student with 4.0 GPA and with jolly nature, he is very ambitious, determined and hard working.

On 18th March Thursday, he just passed out in a grocery store, from where he was brought to ER at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas Texas. Upon arrival, he was diagnosed with Cardiac Arrest with multiple organ failures including both his lungs and kidneys and some neurological damages to his brain because of the lack of oxygen flow to his brain. He was put in ICU for 11 days where he remained in coma with supportive external lungs and kidneys. Doctors have lost hopes of even a slight chance of his survival but miraculously he survived and started getting better after 12th day. He is conscious now and has started his recovery process. He was then treated for his arrhythmias including Supra-ventricular Tachycardia (SVT), and AV Nodal Re- Entry Tachycardia (AVNRT) and his mild Wolff-Parkinson –White (WPW) syndrome with various procedures including Electrophysiology of heart. It is also possible in future that the procedure has to be redone or he might need a pacemaker or Radio Frequency Ablation. He will also have to follow up with a neurologist at least for couple of months.

Even though he is recovering at this point, he has high risk of reoccurrence of the cardiac arrest if he has too much stress mentally or physically. He is a bright student and wants to finish up his study in the States. His father is from lower middle class family in Nepal and unable to afford any of his medical and other costs which Kundan is responsible for. He does not have any health insurance coverage. Since Kundan himself can’t work to pay his bills at least for good 3-4 months as the Doctors said, his brain seizures and heart medication will be very uncomfortable for him. We seek some kind of financial assistance for his medications expanses; his monthly bills for few months and possibly tuition fees until he gains his strength back to go to work.

We appreciate your help in informing all the Nepalese community in Texas and other states to help us collect some fund in this time of difficulty.

Thank you.


Bharat M. Bhattarai

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  1. I am a teacher at North Lake. Last year, I was in the hospital for almost the same thing – I was there six weeks. I had no insurance either. I applied for assistance and got my entire bill paid. Go to the billing office, ask for financial aid papers, fill them out and see if it helps. I imagine it will. Best wishes,

    Nancy Kerr

    1. Thank you Nancy for your information.

      We already appplied for the aid at the billing office.

      We are waiting on thier response.

      Bharat Bhattarai

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