Rai For Guinness Book Of World Records

Rajesh Payal Rai, famous for hits such as “Darshan Namaste” and “Rai Is King”, is trying to get his name inducted in the Guiness Book of World Records. He is on a mission to become the only artist to have released three albums of three different genres on the same day.

“Made In Nepal”, “Murchana 2” and “Jadow 3” are his forthcoming albums and consist of eight tracks each. “Murchana 2” is a set of adhunik songs whereas “Made In Nepal” is where you can find patriotic singles and “Jadow 3” is an ensemble of folk tunes. Rai has finished working on all the projects and is only waiting for the release date to be confirmed.

Processing of the induction is being done with collaboration with Cellroti – a musical brand of Digitainment. A request has been sent to the Guinness World of Records for registration of his name for the singer’s versatility, artistic quality and ability to sing in three different genres.

Rai has already proved to be a gem of Nepali music industry. And his name in the World Records will only bring more value to it. So let us all hope he succeeds in his latest venture!

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  1. Best of luck Rajesh Payal Dhai me Jeewan from New-york(USA).This is really great news for we all Nepalese.This is the Great pride of all Nepalese.

    If possible come to USA sometimes.

    Here we have huge Nepalese community.

    Best of luck bro.

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