Review: Nepali Film ‘Hostel’ Definitely Enjoyable!

The moment I came across a trailer of the Nepali film ‘Hostel’, I had very little expectations and was kind of skeptic about it. However, I was looking forward to it for some reason (Hint: Anmol KC). But, all that notion changed (except for the last one) once I got to watch the film!

To start off, I’d say Hostel is good and it did make me smile at the end of it… Anmol KC- the son of superstar Bhuwan KC and Prakriti Shrestha were definitely the stars of the film that featured a bunch of other young actors Gaurab Pahadi, Salon Basnet, Rita Basnet and Sinchan Thapa who, by the way, also did commendable job. Of course, there are/may be few flaws in the romantic comedy flick about friendship, love and family since the Nepali film scene is just taking a different route but the final result will make you overlook all that. KC rises above all the drawbacks the film may have. At least, it doesn’t make you cringe as much as some other Nepali movies do. I just wish Sunil Rawal wouldn’t appear in every film he produces/creates.

I’d like to keep this sort of review thing short by not going on to the synopsis details. But in case you missed it in theatres, you should definitely catch it once it’s out on DVD.

Alright then, my verdict: 4 out of 5.

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