Riding With A Worthy Cause

The highly anticipated Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge was successfully held on July 21, Saturday. Over 300 cyclists participated in the event co-organised by Save the Children and Socialtours with Talent Inc to raise awareness and funds for upgrading birth centers in Rukum district. The  50km ride started from and ended at Patan Durbar Square via Ring Road.

Riders crossing the Boudhanath Stupa in Boudha, before breaking for lunch.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, Kora means a circumbulation, done clockwise, usually around a religious structure and needless to say, Kathmandu is a perfect location to do so with its myriad religious structures.

Cylces laid out on the floor after an intense muddy patch of trail

This challenge rounded the Valley right at the edge of the valley, away from the hustle of the city, through small dirt trails passing by picturesque rural settings, raising fund for a worthy cause. People were asked to pledge a rider and donate Rs 100 for every kilometer s/he rode.

Their collection crossed the target of Rs 500,000, pulling in more than Rs 610,000. Congratulations to the organizing team and all the participants! The effort for the worthy cause will be appreciated immensely.

Participants fixing a flat tire on the ring road.


The starting line at Patan Durbar Square
Participants crossing a difficult stretch of land covered in concrete tubes and recently planted rice fields.
Kora rider holds a supporting metal beam on a suspended bridge that crosses a major river in Kathmandu
Raj Gaywali of Social Tours, shaking hands with a fellow Kora rider in Patan Durbar Square

Photos by:  Nischal Oli

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