Sanjaya Chaudhary’s Latest Offering ‘Jaba Dekhi’

After hitting it big and climbing his way to popularity with hits “Timi Aayau” and “Panche Baja”, Sanjaya Chaudhary returns to the music scene with a fresh offering! The singer is currently working on the release of his second album “Tone” and headlining the set is the single “Jaba Dekkhi”.

Chaudhary has already come up with a music video for the song which is getting immense airplay on TV channels as well as on FM stations. In fact, it is doing pretty well on various charts too.

So here, check out Sanjaya Chaudhary’s latest effort:

Song:  Jaba Dekhi
Lyrics/music/vocal: Sanjaya Chaudhary
Music arranger: Rapraveen Shrestha
Direction: Rapraveen Shrestha


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