Sashmita Wins The Title of Miss Little Newa `12

After three weeks of training, various other activities and immense hard work, 36 contestants took to the stage to showcase their talent at the 7th Miss Little Newa 2012.  The cultural and talent show for Newar girls aged nine to 13 years old was held at the Nepal Academy on August 23 (Bhadra 7), Thursday. And impressing the judging panel with her presentation, Sashmita Prajapati took home the prestigious title.

Following Sashmita, Lumana Maharjan and Anisha Khadgi were announced first and second runner-up respectively.  The nine-member jury made up of personalities from the Newar community then declared the Top Three from seven contestants and the deciding question was “Is it right or wrong for children to be given cell phones?”.

The winners took away cash prizes worth Rs. 10,000, Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively. Awards for other categories, such as Miss Charming, Miss Photogenic, Miss Best Nepal Bhasha, and Best Attire were also given away.


Miss Little Newa was organised by Nepalese Fashion Home which has managed other pageants such as Miss Newa, Kid Queen Nepal, Master Star, and is now set to introduce a new pageant for teenage girls – Miss Princess Nepal.

List of sub-title winners

Miss Talent: Sristi Maharjan
Miss Friendship: Srishtina Maharjan
Miss Skin: Tisa Shakya
Miss Dicpline: Megna Shrestha
Miss Personality: Shrena Malla
Miss Good Performer: Prisna Maharjan
Miss Nepal Bhasa: Nivedita Tuladhar
Miss Attire: Iva Dangol
Miss Hair: Shivani Balami
Miss Charming: Unisha Maharjan
Miss Photogenic: Rastika Shakya

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