Singha Durbar Portrays Nepal’s First Female Prime Minister


Everything you thought about Nepali television series is about to change. All set to make history is the first political drama to be produced in Nepal Singha Durbar.

According to the website for Search For Common Ground, the 13-episode series which will portray the first female Prime Minister that the country has ever seen. The Yubakar Raj Rajkarnikar-produced show revolves around the challenges that the PM, played by Gauri Malla, undergoes in her quest to foster transparency, accountability, and collaborative leadership.

Tsering Rhitar Sherpa (far left) on the first day of the shooting at Suvekchya Hospital. / Source: Republica
Tsering Rhitar Sherpa (far left) on the first day of the shooting at Suvekchya Hospital. / Source: Republica

The website further states Singha Durbar will depict the inner workings of the central government and bring forward the issues and challenges that dominate the political culture of Nepal. It aspires to promote positive role models in governance, the political empowerment of women, and a culture of collaboration between the government and the general public.

Known for his previous works Mukundo and Uma, Director Tsering Rhitar Sherpa explains, “The story of Singha Durbar is based on a near future in a post-constitution Nepal. Through realistic story lines, characters and dialogues, the TV series aims to capture the imagination of the audiences, and make them believe in the possibility of a collaborative political culture.”

Producer Rajkarnikar believes the show will help audiences understand their role and responsibilities toward the government.

Malla’s character illustrates the possibility of a near future in which women’s leadership is respected and encouraged. “Singha Durbar is a content driven political drama, which will change the way people see Nepali soap operas,” said the veteran film actor. “With a female character as the lead, this drama focuses on various issues and challenges that leaders and the public have to face on a daily basis.”

Scheduled to air this September, the series is a joint production of SFCG Nepal office and Mila Productions, with financial support by USAID.

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