Sushant Thakuri’s Video Direction In Mumbai

Sushant ThakuriSushant Singh Thakuri has his hands full at the moment.

The executive director of 2S Music company is currently working on the direction of a couple of music videos in Mumbai.

Recently done with making few Hindi and English short films in the entertainment capital of India, Thakuri is busy visualizing two songs; “Jaldai Gaye Ma” by Amreet Chhetri taken from his album “Someone” and Sirish Bikram Thapa’s “Naulo Naulo” off his set “C’ris”.

The videos will be Thakuri’s first effort in solo direction and through this, he is looking forward to create a new wave in Nepali music industry since it is probably for the first time that music videos are being shot in the city professionally.

Suresh K Nayar will be handling cinematography for both the videos while models being featured are Navin Singh and Pari Sharma for “Jaldai Gaye Ma” and Ravi Pawan and Sharon Fernandis for “Naulo Naulo”.

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