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The Worst Best Date! (Short Nepali Movie)

A warm breeze and that oooey gooey feeling makes this The Worst Best Date ever. You will have to watch to figure out what that means, but its quite literal in its meaning! Starring Subodh Moktan and Nurza Shrestha, and Surendra Man Singh making this the most Screenawesome MaZZako Dish yet. Enjoi! 😀


A film by Aaha Production. A career oriented lady, Smriti and her lover, Anish faces obstacles in their love life.This complications leave Anish sad and depressed and he turns to alcohol for comfort. His alcoholism leads to series of absurd events.

First Look: Short Movie ‘Moneycracy’

Dhipko Films presents a short movie called Moneycracy. Starring Shree Parajuli (Biplon), Dhurba Dhakal, Ramesh Singh, and Deepak Bhandari among others, the film tells an amazing story dedicated to youth and money in Kathmandu valley. Story /Script- Manjari Bastola Screen play-Shree Parajuli (Biplon) Camera/Edit/Direction – Bisnu Bastola Duration – 12 to 15 minutes Here’s the currently released … Continue reading First Look: Short Movie ‘Moneycracy’