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Superstar Rajesh Hamal Confirms His Wedding For Jestha!

Kollywood superstar Rajesh Hamal is finally set to wed, for real this time! The actor has announced he is changing his status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘married’. Hamal is tying the knot with his longtime girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai in the second week of Jestha. As reported by Ekantipur, Hamal’s wedding rituals will have a bit of western influence. … Continue reading Superstar Rajesh Hamal Confirms His Wedding For Jestha!

Rajesh Hamal Finally Getting Married

Superstar Rajesh Hamal will finally be getting married in Falgun as reported by Nagariknews.com. Hamal, who had previously planned to tie the knot with model girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai in Magh, announced the wedding postponement at an album launch where he was one of the chief guests. “The wedding has been postponed since Madhu’s family are … Continue reading Rajesh Hamal Finally Getting Married

Facebook: A New Nepali Movie

Supposed to be based on the popular social networking site, Facebook has been produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa and directed by Suraj Subba. The film, which was shot partly in Kathmandu and partly in Singapore, features Rajesh Hamal, Jharana Thapa, Subash Thapa, Wilson Bikram Rai, and Anurag Man Singh Kunwar among others and is set for nationwide release on Shrawan 15.